Kansas City Twilight

The World War One museum in Kansas City sits atop a low hill just south of downtown. It offers an unsurpassed vista of the city’s modest but stately skyline. I was in town last summer and, at the end of a long, hot day, got to enjoy the sunset and the cool breezes at this … Continue reading Kansas City Twilight

The Great Outdoors

Every time I’ve returned to Gary the last few years, it’s with a feeling that I’m coming to flog a dead horse. After all, I’ve been visiting this city for going on fifteen years, and it always seems there isn’t much left to see. But each time, the horse is still floggable. Or alive. Or … Continue reading The Great Outdoors

Tennessee Gothic

A mansion tucked away in the wilds of Tennessee stands empty. Its isolated location has no roads leading to it, and no signs of any infrastructure surrounding it. There isn’t even a visible driveway, any pavement having long reverted to dense grasses and underbrush. This would suggest that the house has been abandoned a long … Continue reading Tennessee Gothic