Látrabjarg Cliffs

A tense drive on winding gravel roads often hugging steep precipices will eventually bring you to Látrabjarg, Iceland’s westernmost point. The cliffs here are famous here for their birdwatching, but the nearly vertical rock faces themselves are stunning. I’ve made light the theme of this series of photos, but I can’t say that we lucked … Continue reading Látrabjarg Cliffs

A Beach For Goths

It’s hard not to love basalt beaches. The jet-black sand contrasts beautifully with the surf and sky, and it’s a much more poignant setting for the clichéd long walks people love to take along them. If a regular beige beach brings to mind fat tourists sunning themselves, disporting bros and the shrieks of gleeful children, … Continue reading A Beach For Goths

A Glorious Wreck

You don’t really go to Iceland for the urbex scene. However, once there, there are a couple spectacular abandonments you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The country’s first steel ship was beached and left as landmark at the tip of a fjord. It gets regular coats of paint, so it isn’t the rusted-out hulk … Continue reading A Glorious Wreck