The Great Outdoors

Some recent vacation time at work gave me the opportunity to escape the bitter cold and massive snowfalls of Chicago. I gladly traded those in for… the bitter cold and even deeper snows of upstate New York. At least I wasn’t unprepared; my trusty shitkicker boots proved their worth yet again. Having to trudge through knee-deep … Continue reading The Great Outdoors

The Land of Waterfalls

Iceland is shaped, roughly, like a bowler hat. The crown is the volcanic rock that pushed up from the floor of the Atlantic eons ago, while the narrow band of relatively flat coastline is the brim. Head inland from almost any point along the shore, and eventually you’ll hit cliffs or mountains. Consequently, Iceland has … Continue reading The Land of Waterfalls


…or, for those not fluent in Icelandic, Thingvellir. It was where the Viking clans convened annually for almost a thousand years in order to govern their island. About an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, it’s a seismically active rift valley crisscrossed with gorges and waterfalls, one of which is pictured here. Continue reading ├×ingvellir