Látrabjarg Cliffs

2 thoughts on “Látrabjarg Cliffs”

  1. I like the white void, it accentuates the stunning. No railings… and was it windy? Hopefully you were spared from selfie sticks, although you could probably get a pretty sweet shot with one out there.

    But no duck lips. Even ducks don’t do duck lips anymore.


    1. No selfie sticks here, thankfully, and generally a rare sight in Iceland. No, this place is overrun by British, German and Japanese birders each toting $5000 lenses. Vis-a-vis wind & railings: your safety is your own responsibility in this country. The Icelanders have spraypainted a line which runs about five feet parallel from the cliff’s edge merely as a prudent suggestion; American travelers set on becoming object-lessons in Darwinian selection cannot be prevented in doing so.

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