The Chernobyl Reactors

2 thoughts on “The Chernobyl Reactors”

  1. Wow. That unfinished cooling tower is something else. And I’ve heard about how massive that sarcophagus is, I can’t imagine seeing it in person. Is there something stateside we can relate the size too, for perspective? How is it compared to a large NFL stadium?

    I’m also impressed with Ukraine for letting tourists visit this area. I could easily see another regime disallowing all people from even going there. Nice shots as usual, my friend.


    1. Thanks! That is the case with neighboring Belarus, which is a stone’s throw from here: their section is totally off limits. I don’t think they have as much to see, though.
      As to the size of the Sarcophagus, I don’t think it’s quite stadium sized, but I think it would cover a football field easily with room to spare.

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