On the Merits of Authoritarianism

2 thoughts on “On the Merits of Authoritarianism”

  1. Very much enjoyed this set, I spent minutes looking at each one. I remember seeing photos of the rooms with all the masks on the floor many years ago, one of the first images that piqued my interest in this entire genre.

    You nailed it with your words TR. While you alluded to it and didn’t say it, I will: I think our capitalist freedoms have turned us into a rapacious lot. Perhaps in an exaggerative sense, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Why do you think crime was lower back then in Poland? I have never lived under communism, but I now appreciate some of its resulting effects on the traits of the population. Specifically to your point above about the importance placed on working together, honor, respect. I think every system has its faults, but the positive side of the communist coin is probably undersold in our democratic country’s history classes.


    1. I won’t go quite as far as you will, though I sympathize with the Sodom and Gomorrah argument. In general, I’m kind of in the middle: I think a system that blends elements of capitalism and socialism is best. Also, the face of each is heavily influenced the host country. We have, as a nation, a strong libertarian streak as well as distrust of government. This leads to the kind of excess you’re referring to. Similarly, I think communism was permanently colored by its emergence in Russia, which lagged behind the rest of Europe in economic development and civil liberties.

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